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‘I Wouldn’t Waste My Time With A Guy Like That’


Darren Till responds to Dillon Danis' attempt at provocation:

Inactive MMA athlete Dillon Danis is attempting to get a rise out of former top-ranked UFC fighter Darren Till.

Danis was a notable grappler who helped Conor McGregor prepare for his 2018 bout against Khabib Nurmagomedov. Danis went 2-0 in Bellator against unranked competition and has not fought since 2019. Although in that time he has remained active on Twitter calling out various athletes. He once had a scheduled boxing match against KSI in which Danis dropped out because he was struggling to make weight.

Recently, online, Danis claims that Logan Paul dropped out of a boxing match against him to target now-ex-UFC fighter Darren Till. Danis said:

“He ran from me to go fight a 1-5 Darren Till”.

Darren Till responds to Dillon Danis

In an interview with The Mac Life, ‘The GorillaTill responded to Danis. He said:

“What’s he on about, Dillon? I’ve never said one thing about him. His little gang, his little mates from like Conor, I know all his mates from Ireland. I know them all, I get on really well with them all. So what’s he talking s*** for like? I can’t physically or mentally respond to the guy because he argues and trolls everyone. For me, why would I even get worked up about a guy like that, who pulled out of a fight with KSI like? What am I gonna gain from responding to Dillon Danis? Like, what mate? What?”

The English-born athlete continued:

“Even with me last few losses, I consider myself a very good fighter. I wouldn’t waste me time with a guy like that. What is that guy even about? I don’t get it.”

See the full interview below:

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