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Paul Pierce sparks fire around Andrew Wiggins’ girlfriend rumors


The Golden State Warriors have dealt with a number of ups and downs this season. Injuries and unknown circumstances have held the team back from its true potential after winning the NBA Finals last season. One Warrior who has missed the last 13 games in a row is Andrew Wiggins. He’s currently out due to personal reasons and many across the league have been wondering why he’s been out. Paul Pierce took to Twitter last night asking if the Wiggins rumors were true. 

Rumors have been circulating on social media due to why Andrew Wiggins has been out for the Warriors. They have said that Wiggins’ wife cheated on him with his best friend and that the two kids he thought were his kids were actually not his. Apparently, they might have belonged to his best friend and his wife had been lying to him all this time.

There has been no truth to this rumor at all, let’s just get that straight. We’re just simply speculating on what we’ve seen online. No matter the case, there is no need for Paul Peirce to escalate the situation any further. Especially if he doesn’t have a source either.

Paul Pierce needs to stay quiet about the Andrew Wiggins rumors, and let Wiggins deal with it how he wants to

No reliable sources have been able to give an update on Wiggins’ situation yet. All we know are the rumors we are hearing online and the replies under this tweet don’t think the rumor is true. However, it does say right there in the tweet that “who knows if it’s true or not”. You cannot blame the account for simply reposting it.

Blame the accounts that have circulated this rumor that has big-time personalities tweeting about it. That would be former NBA champion, Paul Pierce. He went to Twitter last night and said “Please tell me that  Andrew Wiggins rumor not True”, and he simply just doesn’t need to be commenting on the matter.

Collin Cowherd reported that he heard that Wiggins will not be returning this season and you hate to hear that. Hopefully, Andrew Wiggins is able to overcome whatever personal issues he’s dealing with and can be ready for the start of the 2023-24 season.

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