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Alex Ovechkin Visits Dynamo Football Club


Photo: FC Dynamo

Washington Capitals captain Alex Ovechkin visited the Dynamo football club in Moscow, Russia on Friday. Ovechkin is a graduate of the Dynamo hockey school and a longtime supporter of the Dynamo organization.

Ovechkin presented one of his sticks and his 2023 All-Star jersey to the team at the team’s training facility on Friday.

“Ovi arrived at the training base with the usual attributes, but we forgot to flood the rink,” signed the video by Dynamo.

Ovechkin has been officially invited by Dynamo FC to participate in an upcoming friendly match, however there has been no official confirmation from the Ovechkin camp that he will participate.

On June 25, 2022, Dynamo held a friendly match against the team of bloggers Amkal. The meeting ended with a score of 5:0 in favor of the Blue and White. Ovechkin opened the scoring in the match, scoring in the 11th minute.

The Washington Capitals captain was a bull on the pitch, simply discarding opposing players with a flick of his shoulder. I’m not sure if this player knew who Ovechkin was, as he thought he was going to simply push Ovechkin off of the ball.

Ovechkin was asked after the game if he was worried about playing in the game. He said he wasn’t, but was concerned about his conditioning, having been on vacation for the last month.

“You know, no. I was more worried about the fact that we are on vacation. How will I feel physically? And already at the warm-up, I realized that it would be hard,” said Ovechkin.

“It was very hot. I had to douse myself with water. Heat, stuffiness. But I entered the game more or less normally. It’s good that I followed Fedor Smolov, how he moves. It helped me a lot that I watched his movements and interacted with him.”

Ovechkin added that the game was for his father. “My father played for Dynamo Moscow and was injured. Today, this match was more for him than for me.”

Both of Ovechkin’s son’s were in attendance for the game. MatchTV asked son Sergei about the chance he might play soccer like his father and grandfather. “Never! said Sergei Ovechkin, firmly. Only hockey!”

By Jon Sorensen

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