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Cardinals Cut DeAndre Hopkins | Football Outsiders


NFL Offseason – Unable to find a trade with a team willing to take his contract, the Arizona Cardinals announced this afternoon that they are cutting superstar wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins. It is not a post-June 1 designation, so the Cardinals will take the entire $22.6 million cap hit in 2023. They are going to be very, very bad this year. Rumors have put Hopkins with a number of teams including Kansas City and Buffalo, so we’ll have to see who wants to give him the biggest contract and a chance to win a Super Bowl.

Hopkins had his worst season by Football Outsiders numbers last year, but it wasn’t exactly the best quarterback situation. He ranked 70th among qualifying receivers with 11 DYAR, and had -11.2% DVOA. Every other year except 2016, Hopkins has had a positive DVOA and he has seven seasons in the top 20 for receiving DYAR including 2020 and 2021 in Arizona. He’s still excellent but will turn 31 next month.

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