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Zion Williamson & girlfriend Akheema make baby announcement


While Zion Williamson only played 29 games for the Pelicans this season, he was busy off the court. The two-time all-star recently announced that he and his partner Akheema are expecting a baby girl. It was announced last night on social media that 22-year-old Williamson is going to be a father. He’s kept his personal life on the down low. This is the first time anyone has ever seen Akheema before. NBA Twitter did their usual digging to find out about her past. 

Nobody had any indication that Williamson was in a relationship, let alone expecting to have his first child. His baby mama Akheema posted on social media yesterday and Twitter sleuths did some research to find out more about her.

Just scrolling through her Instagram, some rather revealing photos can be seen that are NSFW. This has led to controversy surrounding who Akheema is and what she does for a living. On her Instagram, she refers to herself as a “video creator”.

Who is Zion Willaimson’s girlfriend Akheema and what does she really do for a living?

NBA Twitter sleuths dug up two videos that Williamson’s girlfriend Akheema is allegedly in. The first is a video of her getting into a street fight with another woman. Another video showed her dancing on top of a table in a way that many would deem not safe for kids to watch.

What makes Akheema so controversial is her reportedly sketchy past. She allegedly used to work as a stripper under the name “Monroe Rose”. There are videos of her in the past wearing a diamond necklace with the name ‘Rose’ on it. Additionally, reports say that Willaimson is also a stepfather to a child that Akheema had in a previous relationship.

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