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Depot After Dark: Polamalu’s Work Ethic, $100 Million Brothers, Dino Tomlin’s Big Play


Something new we’ll do daily for Steelers Depot. A quick hit of some Pittsburgh Steelers and Steelers-related stories that may not require a complete and dedicated article but nuggets worth mentioning and passing on to you guys. The same as our recent Depot Daily but now late at night to better capture the news of the day.

Your Depot After Dark for Sept. 16th.

Troy Polamalu’s Work Ethic

Former NFL WR Keary Colbert, who played in the NFL from 2004-11 and was USC teammates with Steelers’ eventual first-round pick Troy Polamalu, told the story of observing how much of a hard worker Polamalu was.

“After practice, he would tackle the one-man tackling sled every single day after practice,” Colbert said on his Twitter account. “For me, that showed me that he was trying to perfect the craft of tackling. He was in no rush to get back into the locker room, get back into the dorm…if he’s doing extra, I want to do extra, too.”

Of course, Polamalu would prove to be one of the great tacklers and players of his era, going on to have a Hall of Fame career. What he did at USC compelled then-GM Kevin Colbert to trade up for him in 2003, one of his best moves he ever made.

$100 Million Brothers

As tweeted by the NFL earlier today, J.J. and T.J. Watt are just one of two sets of brothers in NFL history to sign $100 million contracts. Until this month, they were the first such sibling pairing but have now been joined by the Bosas, Joey and Nick. Nick signed a record deal that surpassed T.J. Watt’s $112 million deal, which he inked ahead of the 2021 season.

Not even the Mannings can claim this feat. Both came close to triple digits but neither signed $100 million deals.

Kendrick Green Could Start Sunday For Texans

New Houston Texans center/guard Kendrick Green, traded over from Pittsburgh in late August, could receive his first NFL start tomorrow against the Indianapolis Colts. According to Texans reporter Aaron Wilson, Houston may be without franchise LT Laremy Tunsil. That would mean moving LG Josh Jones over to left tackle and inserting Green as the starting guard.

Green dressed for the team’s Week One contest but only logged three special teams snaps. Pittsburgh is set to play Houston in Week Four.

Dino Tomlin’s Explosive Play

A redshirt senior wide receiver for Boston College, Dino Tomlin had a big gain late in the third quarter of Saturday’s game against Florida State. On third and 17, Tomlin was open between the numbers and offered a good deal of YAC, a 52-yard pickup down to the Seminoles’ 24.

Tomlin and the Golden Eagles nearly pulled off one of the biggest upsets of the young season, losing 31-29 to the third-ranked Seminoles. Tomlin had two catches for 57 yards.

After the game, Mike Tomlin sent out Instagram stories praising both his sons. Mason Tomlin was profiled in the New York Post while Dino had his big catch and run today.


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