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Martin Fehervary – “I Always Want To Play 100 Percent” – Last Season Was Tough


The 2022-23 season was a rough one for Washington Capitals defenseman Martin Fehervary. The Capitals suffered a wide range of injuries and missed the playoffs and Fehervary himself was injured twice. Unfortunately for Fehervery, his contract was also expiring and he was in need of a new deal

During the off-season, Fehervary and the Capitals agreed to a three-year contract for a total of $8 million. Fehervary admitted that he did not have an easy time dealing with the contract situation.

“I was under pressure. I tried not to think about it, but I still had it in my head. It’s great to have a contract and I’m delighted that we’ve reached an agreement. I love Washington, the whole club and I can’t wait to start the season,” Fehervary told

Fehervary’s injuries to his back, groin and elbow caused him to miss a total of 15 games last season, but he believes the coming season should be much healthier.

“I’m much better now and I believe it will stay that way for a while. It wasn’t serious injuries, but they limited me, and I couldn’t play the best I could. When I’m not feeling well, I’m not myself. I always want to play one hundred percent.”

Fehervary anticipates no problems in working with the Capitals’ new head coach, Spencer Carbery.

“He’s already coached me [on the Capitals farm team] in Hershey.  We had a very nice conversation. He’s a great coach and I was delighted that he’s coming to Washington.”

In assessing the impact that Carbery should have on the team, Fehervary believes the change at head coach was needed.

“He’s younger and he’s tough on the players. He demands everyone to do their best on the ice. Lavy (Laviolette) was also a great coach, but sometimes change helps.”

One of the significant injuries on the Capitals was to Nicklas Backstrom who missed the first half of the season after hip resurfacing surgery.

“He’s a great player and a very nice person. Upon his return, it was immediately apparent that it had affected him. As in the case of [Tom] Wilson. Backy is a great player and playmaker, so he’s very important to us.”

By Diane Doyle

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