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Nikola Jokic has been following basketball coaching clinics this summer


After winning the NBA title with the Nuggets this year, Nikola Jokic has truly taken advantage of his well-deserved vacations in Serbia. Even though he didn’t represent his country in the past FIBA World Cup held in Asia, he’s apparently been following coaching clinics.

Zeljko Obradovic is one of the most renowned basketball tacticians in the world, and in a recent interview the legendary coach revealed that the two-time MVP has been following his last clinics.

“I was captivated by his interest,” he admitted. “We tumbled into each other last year as he was preparing with the national team and Partizan was also preparing for the new season. I asked him how he was doing and we briefly talked. He revealed that he watched my seminar in Opatija. It was a pleasant surprise.”

“This says a lot about Jokic,” furthered Obradovic. “He probably also follows seminars of other coaches, besides mine.”

The 28-year-old is well known for being a creative mastermind on court, but now it is clear that the Serbian star also possesses a cultured basktball IQ who takes tactics into consideration.

“He also followed Partizan in the training camp,” the popular head coach shared. “He gave me advice. It was about one detail in our game. He thought we should have a different approach. I understood what he meant and immediately adjusted.”

According to the expert tactician, it is also important to listen to player’s advice, and especially if it comes from one of the current best players in the world.

“We should trust players,” Obradovic said. “You can’t ignore Jokic. A player with an NBA ring, competing at the highest level in the world, we should listen to what he has to say. However, I must stress that the coach ultimately decides. I don’t know how Jokic will react to this comment.”

Just recently, Denver teammate P.J. Jozier was talked into signing a one-year contract for the team based in Belgrade. This means that the 26-year-old will now play under Obradovic.

Superbet has proudly named Jokic as their first Brand Ambassador in Serbia, as the player is convinced he can help take the project to the next level

This week, Nikola was appointed as Superbet’s first Brand Ambassador in the Republic of Serbia. Thanassis Kanouris, the country manager, explained their decision to include the Nuggets superstar in the project’s team.

“He is an amazing athlete, who stands out from everyone else, as he is the type of player who focuses on the team’s objectives, a quality that aligns seamlessly with our core values,” he said. “Serbia is a strategic market for Superbet’s expansion in the wider European region and having such an iconic athlete in our team is an exciting opportunity and a sign of respect for local sports fans.”

As the new ambassador, the 28-year-old will participate in all Superbet brands and operations in the country and beyond. “I am delighted to team up with Superbet, a company renowned for the unique way in which they connect fans across Europe with the thrilling world of sports,” he said.

“Even more, I appreciate the importance given by the company towards responsible gaming and that was one of the key aspects which convinced me to partner up with this amazing brand,” Jokic assured.

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