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John Fury reacts to Francis Ngannou’s ‘embarrassing’ open workout: ‘I hope that’s a joke’


Team Fury is not impressed by their first look at Francis Ngannou’s boxing abilities.

Ngannou appeared alongside boxing legend Mike Tyson on Tuesday in Las Vegas to showcase his skills in his first boxing open workout ahead his professional boxing debut against Tyson Fury on Oct. 28 in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. And safe to say, John Fury — the outspoken father of the heavyweight champion boxer — isn’t concerned about his son falling victim to an upset at the hands of the former UFC heavyweight titleholder.

“Just seen Francis Ngannou and Mike Tyson and that so-called trainer what’s got the pads on, seen the open workout. I hope he’s kidding along and he’s playing possum here,” Fury said Wednesday on Instagram. “I hope that’s a joke and intended to be a laugh. Because if it’s not, he ain’t got a prayer. He ain’t got a cat in hell’s chance. He won’t get out of the first round. It’s probably going to be Tyson’s quickest knockout.

“But you know what? It’s got to be kidology, that. It’s got to be full-on games. Because if that’s what he’s got — well, God help him, he’ll get smashed to bits. That’s all I’m saying, mate. That’s embarrassing. If that’s what he can do on a public workout, don’t bother doing a public workout. It’s a disgrace.”

Ngannou, 37, and Fury, 35, are set to collide in a 10-round heavyweight boxing bout next month. Fury’s WBC heavyweight title will not be at stake, however the matchup is expected to go on both fighters’ official records, meaning “The Predator” will have an opportunity to become the first boxer to officially stamp a loss onto Fury’s undefeated professional record.

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