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2024 NFL Draft Scouting Report: Arkansas IOL Beaux Limmer


From now until the 2024 NFL Draft takes place, we hope to scout and create profiles for as many prospects as possible, examining their strengths, weaknesses, and what they can bring to an NFL franchise. These players could be potential top 10 picks, all the way down to Day 3 selections, and priority undrafted free agents. Today, a scouting report on Arkansas center, Beaux Limmer.

#55 BEAUX LIMMER, IOL, ARKANSAS (rSR) — 6044, 301 lbs.

Senior Bowl


Player Ht/Wt Hand Size Arm Length Wingspan
Beaux Limmer 6044/301 9 3/8″ 31 1/2″ 77 1/2″
40-Yard Dash 10-Yard Dash Short Shuttle 3-Cone
Broad Jump Vertical Bench Press

The Good

— 3+ year starter at guard and center
— Very good hand strength; locks onto defenders
— Good snap quickness
— Mobility to climb, pull, and get out on screens
— Good hand placement and timing
— Solid anchor and awareness on twists and stunts
— Good positioning on base blocks
— Nice push on double teams and good timing and effectiveness on the second level
— Plays through the whistle

The Bad

— Arm length is less than you would like
— Weight is also below average
— Punch effectiveness is marginal
— Drifts when uncovered, leaving a middle lane
— Slight shift backward just before some shotgun snaps
— Aiming point on lateral blocks is inconsistent
— Will get top heavy/bend at the waist


— 49 games/41 starts
— 13 games at center, 38 at right guard
— 2022 Third-team All-American (PFF)
— Second team All-SEC (AP, PFF) 2022
— SEC Academic Honor Roll
Squatted 700 lbs.
— Senior Bowl invitee
— Birthday June 10, 2001 (22)

Tape Breakdown

At Arkansas, Beaux Limmer started for three-plus years, initially at right guard, before switching full-time to center in 2023. He has good height and adequate weight with adequate arm length.

As a pass protector, he displays very good quickness out of his stance and gets into position quickly. He plays with good pad level and leverage to counteract the length of defenders. His hand strength is very good. The placement and timing of his hands are good, getting under those of the defender, and he latches on, and rarely lets go. To mirror defenders, he shows solid lateral agility and very good core strength to take on power rushes.

Here are some reps in pass protection.

He displays solid awareness on twists and stunts and also when picking up blitzers from the second level. His mobility is good in slide protection or when pulling outside to pick up the edge defender. His anchor is solid overall and can hold up against longer defenders better than you might expect.

Vs. Texas A&M, he reads and shuts down the blitzing linebacker.

As a run blocker, he has good snap quickness and lateral agility with the mobility to pull outside. On base blocks, he gets his hips around to position himself well to open up running lanes. He gets a good push on double-team blocks and shows good timing to climb to the second level. On Reach blocks, he is solid and sustains blocks well on Zone plays. Again, his hand strength is very good, locking on to defenders and blocking through the whistle.

A couple of examples of him locking on to a defender and finishing the play.

Showing his agility to pull outside or block the edge on a pin and pull.

When climbing to the second level, he makes his initial contact at the first level and immediately gets his eyes to the second level to find the linebacker. He shows good balance and patience not to overrun linebackers and sustains the block with consistency. When defenders try to disengage, he stays locked in their chest.

Limmer climbs to the second level and controls the defender.

The length of his arms will turn off some teams, and long-limbed defenders may give him a tough time. Likely due to the length of his arms, his punch is marginal, lacking the impact to stun defenders. Good club rushes were able to knock him off balance. He did have a few snaps that were a touch high, but none that would cause turnovers. Occasionally, he will rock back slightly before shotgun snaps that could cause a false start or trigger acute defenders. Lacks the sand in the pants team like in offensive linemen. When uncovered, he will drift too far to one side, opening up a lane to the quarterback.

His aiming point on down blocks and gap runs is inconsistent. He will get top-heavy occasionally, leading to bending at the waist and extending for defenders. Longer defenders can pull him forward to get him off balance.

Here, length wins, and Limmer gets driven back to the quarterback.

Limmer and defender go in opposite directions, defender clubs and off balance he goes to the ground.

Here is an example of him rocking back. It’s slight, but just before the snap, he shifts backward.


Overall, Beaux Limmer has solid height with adequate weight and arm length. He has very good quickness and plays with good pad level and leverage. His hand strength is impressive, and he locks himself onto defenders. He handles stunts and twists well, moves well in slide protection, and has a better anchor than expected. He has good mobility and can pull outside, plays with good leg drive, and blocks through the whistle. On the second level, he is patient and effective and can sustain effectively.

Areas to improve include his punch timing and his aiming point on lateral blocks. Staying more centered when uncovered not to leave an open lane. His snap consistency and omitting a slight rock back in his snap would be beneficial.

Limmer was better than expected and played with an offensive line that had its struggles. There were many plays where he was locked onto his defender, and the other four linemen were chasing missed blocks. Sticky is a word we use for defensive backs, but I wrote that down for him. He locks on to defenders and doesn’t let go. Being able to play guard as well is a plus.

I think his best fit is in a Zone offense, but he can handle Gap/Power schemes as well. Unfortunately, his size and length are below what you would like to see. That doesn’t mean he can’t have success, but I think the Steelers may be looking for someone with a little more length and weight.

For a comp, I’ll give you Luke Wypler drafted out of Ohio State last year. Athletic and mobile but undersized.

Projection: Mid-Day Three
Depot Draft Grade: 6.8 Backup/Special Teamer (5th Round)
Games Watched: 2023 – At LSU, Vs Texas A&M, At Alabama, At Florida, Vs Missouri

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