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MMA Fighter Eduardo Riego Scores Epic Comeback In Insane 3-on-1 Fight In Spain


And you thought all the crazy MMA fights were in Russia.

On Friday, Dogfight Wild Tournament 2nd Impact  — the brainchild of Spanish YouTuber Jordi Wild — delivered its second event inside the Tarraco Arena in Tarragona, Spain, and provided fight fans in the country with some absolutely insane moments. Featuring a no-rules fight, 2-on-2 MMA, a 5-on-1 “Last Survivor” bout, and a four-man “Bloodsport Tournament,” it all sounded like something out of a bad Jean-Claude Van Damme movie.

But the most exciting bit came in the main event during a 3-on-1 match between MMA veteran Eduardo Riego and three smaller fighters named Manuel, Ivan, and Tomas. The bout  — which was comprised of two-minute rounds  — started exactly how you would expect with the three smaller fighters immediately ganging up on Riego.

Things weren’t looking great for Riego, but the tide began to shift in the second round when he managed to get one of the three fighters belly-down on the canvas and sink in a rear-naked choke, forcing the referees to pause the action and remove them from the cage.

Though he made the odds a little more favorable, Riego still struggled with the 2-on-1 attack of his opponents.

However, round three is where sh*t got crazy.

Submitting one of his two remaining opponents with a mounted guillotine, Riego managed to turn the fight into a 1-on-1. From that point, it was just a matter of time. He immediately swarmed the last man standing and forced the tap out with less than a minute to go in the round via RNC to complete the comeback.

Following the contest, the defeated trio hoisted Riego up on their shoulders and paraded him around the ring.

The event also featured a tournament taking place on an elevated v-like structure reminiscent of the platform fighters competed on in Bloodsport  — a good Jean-Claude Van Damme movie.

If you want to witness all the insane action for yourself, you can watch the event in its entirety below:

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