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Depot After Dark: Pittsburgh Exploring Basketball, Kiya Tomlin Cooks, Cam Talks To Lil Dicky


A Steelers Depot daily segment. A quick hit of some Pittsburgh Steelers-related stories that may not require a complete article but nuggets worth mentioning and passing on to you guys.

Your Depot After Dark for Feb. 10

Pittsburgh Exploring Pro Basketball

The city of Pittsburgh is exploring whether or not they could support a pro basketball team, per WPXI. Pittsburgh’s Sports and Exhibition Authority is paying $90,000 for a feasibility study to look at the demand for an NBA or WNBA team in Pittsburgh. It’s only a matter of time before the NBA expands, and while locations like Las Vegas or a return to Seattle may be more likely in Pittsburgh, the city has shown itself to be a good host to three other major professional sports franchises in the Steelers, Pirates and Penguins, so an NBA team isn’t completely out of the realm of possibility.

The study will likely help determine just how hard the city wants to push for a new team whenever NBA expansion does arise. For now though, you can see how Pittsburgh would do as an NBA franchise in the NBA 2k video game series, as the city remains an option for expansion or relocation.

Kiya Tomlin Cooking On Talk Pittsburgh

The wife of Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin, Kiya Tomlin, was the featured chef during a Nebbin’ Around The Kitchen segment of Talk Pittsburgh with Mikey Hood. The two made a Kale Crunch salad with an easy homemade vinaigrette and discussed some of the features of the Tomlin family’s kitchen and living room, including the kitchen table with comfortable seating where the family occasionally takes naps.

The segment with Tomlin was the first feature of the new segment on Talk Pittsburgh.

Lil Dicky On Not Just Football

Pittsburgh Steelers DE Cameron Heyward has been having a variety of guests on his Not Just Football podcast during Super Bowl week, and his most recent guest was rapper Lil Dicky. Obviously, Lil Dicky is just a stage name for Dave Burd, a Richmond graduate and former advertising account manager who put together a number of NBA commercials, including this San Antonio Spurs promo. Now a rapper and actor, Burd stars in his critical-acclaimed semi-biographical show Dave and just released his album Penith featuring music from the show.

Heyward and Burd talked about Philadelphia sports, acting and rapping in a 20ish minute segment on the show. Check it out below.


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