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2024 Season Preview: Milwaukee Brewers


Most Recent Playoff Appearance: 2023 (Lost NLWC to Arizona, 2-0)

In a movie utopia, everything is in its place and everyone is smiling and happy, doing their part without ruffling feathers, just like the beginnings of The Lego Movie and The Lorax or the space habitat in WALL-E. It seems that I watch a lot of kids movies, but that’s not important. A utopian society exists as a plot device to cover up something sordid under the surface—a scheme hidden in plain sight that could unmake the tidy little world.

Cue the peppy opening montage music. Everything is awesome in Milwaukee! The Brewers are enjoying their first period of sustained success in 40 years, having reached the playoffs five times since 2018. They won the NL Central by nine games in 2023 with a devastating bullpen and a core of young hitters on the upswing of their careers. They’re one of the few teams in MLB whose 2027 lineup will look a lot like their 2024 lineup:

The only player in the 2027 projection who will be 30 years old by then is Yelich. They’re winning, they’re young, they’re taking advantage of a weak division, and they’ve got the fourth-best farm system in baseball.

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