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‘I Wasn’t Supposed To Be Here Anyway’


Despite a valiant effort, Joe Pyfer suffered his first UFC loss in the main event of UFC Vegas 86 at the hands of Jack Hermansson.

‘Bodybagz’ entered the matchup riding a fiery winning streak comprised of all finishes. Things wouldn’t go his way though, as despite an excellent start to the fight: he quickly began to find himself outmatched.

As the fight wore on, Hermansson dealt with the ferocious pressure of Pyfer better, and better. ‘The Joker’ found a home with his calf kick, and his striking in general improved as he began to pick ‘Bodybagz’ apart slowly. In the end, the judges would award Hermansson the decision victory, and ‘The Joker’ would send Pyfer back home as the loser.

Joe Pyfer Reacts to UFC Vegas 86 Loss

“I just want to say I’m okay,” Joe Pyfer said on his Instagram story (H/T MMA Sucka). “Despite how my face looks, I wasn’t rocked. I got punched in the eyeball, I couldn’t see. He did a good job (kicking) the calf. I feel like the eye when I lost vision, I failed that round. I lost that round and then just I couldn’t get it back, and then he did a good job on the calf.”

“To all my haters, suck a fat d***!” Pyfer exclaimed. “I wasn’t supposed to be here anyway. I give it 100 per cent every time, and yeah, we’ll make adjustments, and we’ll come back. Thank you to all my sponsors. Thank you to everybody who supports me. And yeah, good job, Jack.”

While his undefeated UFC winning streak was snapped, there is still a ton of upside for ‘Bodybagz’. He holds ferocious power in his hands and that won’t be leaving his side anytime soon. On top of that, as time passes, he will only grow more skilled. Many of the UFC’s greatest stars and champions experienced hiccups along their journey, and this should just be considered a small setback for the exciting prospect.

What were your thoughts on the Jack Hermansson and Joe Pyfer fight?

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