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Sean Strickland accepts Bryce Hall’s sparring challenge with a scary twist: ‘You all want to see a dead body?’


Sean Strickland’s feud with social media influencers and celebrities continues on.

After a viral video of the former UFC middleweight champion giving a one-sided beatdown to streamer Sneako surfaced — which got the attention of Jake Paul — influencer boxer Bryce Hall was asked by Inside Fighting about it and thought the scene was “kind of f***** up,” before making a challenge.

“I would love to spar Sean Strickland,” Hall said. “Dana [White], sign me up with Sean Strickland. I want to do a spar. I guarantee I would crack Sean Strickland.”

Of course, Strickland caught wind of Hall’s interview, and in the most unsurprising thing you’ll see this week, Strickland accepted, but added his own unique twist to it that will certainly give Hall something to think about. The popular 185-pound fighter also shared a screenshot of direct messages he sent to Hall laying out the ground rules.

“OK deal,” Strickland stated. “Me and you this week. I’ll give you a location. You can bring a GoPro or something. Just me and you, I’m tired of this gym BS. You ready to be a man for the first time in your life?”

As of now, no response from Hall, who has a little bit of fighting experience — including some influencer boxing bouts, and even a second-round stoppage victory competing for BKFC this past August.

Strickland most recently competed at UFC 297 in January where he dropped the middleweight title to Dricus du Plessis in an incredibly competitive battle via split decision.

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