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Depot After Dark: Marshawn Lynch Trolls, 49ers OT Confusion, Internet Dunks On J.J. Watt


A Steelers Depot daily segment. A quick hit of some Pittsburgh Steelers-related stories that may not require a complete article but nuggets worth mentioning and passing on to you guys.

Your Depot After Dark for Feb. 12.

Marshawn Lynch Trolls

Not a ton of Steelers-related notes happening today so we’ll branch out to the rest of the NFL. Former NFL RB Marshawn Lynch took time to relish in the San Francisco 49ers’ Super Bowl loss, walking through a Vegas casino and “greeting” 49ers fans with some definitely NSFW language.

They might’ve had to watch their favorite team lose, but at least they have a cool story to tell.

49ers OT Confusion

Last night’s Super Bowl was only the second to enter overtime, the other being the New England Patriots’ 28-3 comeback against the Atlanta Falcons. With updated playoff rules since then essentially guaranteeing each team one possession and the possibility of double overtime, the 49ers didn’t seem fully prepared.

As shared by Arif Hasan, according to The Ringers, 49ers’ players weren’t aware the playoffs have different overtime rules than the regular season. In the regular season, the game is over if the team who first receives the ball scores a touchdown. In the playoffs, the opposition would still get the ball back.

The 49ers made a questionable decision to receive the overtime kickoff when, strategically, it’s wiser to kick off and get the ball second. Like college overtime, in this situation, you know exactly what you need to play for. When the Chiefs got the ball back down three, they knew when they had to go for it on fourth down and knew a touchdown would win the game.

There was also confusion over what would happen at the end of overtime and why the Chiefs let the clock tick down. But Kansas City knew the rules that the game would not end even after the first overtime, and the game would go into a second OT to finish out their drive. In fact, according to Football Zebras, the rules get even more wild from there. There isn’t a two-minute warning in the first overtime, but there is for the second overtime.

And prior to the third overtime, there is a “halftime” and kickoff that basically restarts things, just like going from the second to the third quarter. And if the game somehow remained tied into a fifth overtime, there would be a new coin flip, essentially the start of another game.

Internet Dunks On J.J. Watt

There was at least one Watt at the Super Bowl. J.J. Watt had a big presence for CBS’ The NFL Today, part of the pre-game crew with several hours of coverage before kickoff. Watt tried to debut a new hairstyle, and the internet sure took notice.

Watt later tweeted, poking a little fun at himself for the Internet’s reaction to his new do.

With the future of the show’s staple analysts in question, including former Pittsburgh Steelers’ head coach Bill Cowher, Watt could have an even larger role in 2024.

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