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Kevin Durant hails Stephen Curry as ‘the greatest ever at his position’


This past weekend, Stephen Curry proved again why he’s considered as one of the best ever to grace a basketball court. The veteran dropped another game-winning shot after hitting a wild-turn around three-pointer with only 0.7 seconds to the clock that left Phoenix stunned and beaten. 

After Golden State‘s 113-112 victory on Saturday, Kevin Durant dedicated immense praise to his former teammate, even calling him the best point guard in NBA history. “All-time great, the greatest ever at his position, top five ever. You give him a look like that for game, he’s licking his chops,” he told reporters postgame.

The Suns forward’s take only added fuel to the GOAT point guard debate, which has traditionally chosen Magic Johnson as the worthy owner of this impressive title. Not too long ago, Curry even called himself the greatest of all time in his position during a conversation with Gilbert Arenas.

Weeks after the Warriors guard’s take on this controversial debate, Johnson responded by giving the nod to himself. “OK, so, if he got more than five championships, if he got more than three Finals MVPs, and three league MVPs, then he’s the greatest,” the Lakers icon said back in September.

“If he got more than No. 1 in assists all time in the Finals, No. 2 in double-doubles [in the playoffs and Finals], No. 1 in triple-doubles all time in the NBA playoffs, No. 4 in steals all time in the playoffs, if he got more than those numbers, then he’s the best,” he added.

After the NBA world went into frenzy around this hot topic, more and more experts and former players voiced their opinions. Veteran reporter Kirk Goldsberry explained why no one else should be included in this debate: “Best PG is either Steph or Magic, who went to the Finals 9 times, won 5 rings, 3 Finals MVPs, a collegiate title, and a gold medal.”

However, probably one of the most important voices also felt the need to express his feelings about the GOAT point guard discussion, as Michael Jordan has sided with Magic. “Although greatest of anything is always a debate, I beg to differ on greatest point guard of all-time, Magic Johnson is easily the best point guard of all-time. Steph Curry is very close, but not in front of Magic,” he assured.

Draymond Green reacted in disbelief when Durant also called Curry a top-5 all-time best in the NBA

After the heated matchup between Suns and Warriors came to an end, Draymond Green was all over the place. The power forward was not pleased when he heard that Durant only placed Curry as one of the top 5 best players to ever compete in the NBA. “Stop it! Just Top 5! Enough,” he reacted.

To say the least, being called a top-5 all-time best is one of the greatest acknowledgements you could give the Golden State guard. Nevertheless, he’s not even considered the absolute best point guard in basketball history, and the numbers explain themselves: Johnson still holds the league’s all-time average for assists and boasts more MVP awards, Finals MVP and NBA championships than Steph.

The heat was on this Saturday evening between Green and Durant, as the Golden State star was pumped when he denied Kevin a last chance at scoring with only 0.7 seconds to the final buzzer.

“You can put hands on people late in the game like that. It is what it is, 0.6 seconds. It’s tough to get anything off. You can read his lips. I guess he’s saying don’t go at him late in a game like that,” the Phoenix forward said about the last play of the game.

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