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Morning Report: Max Holloway fires back at critics, says he’s ‘sick and tired of everybody putting a limit on me’



Max Holloway and Justin Gaethje will go to war at UFC 300.

Say what you want about the BMF championship. The upcoming third-overall title tilt and first defense couldn’t be any more perfect of a matchup for the gimmick. Sure, one can make many arguments regarding what should qualify or what types of fighters should be involved in the selective bout. However, one thing is unanimously agreed upon: It should be fun.

Holloway and Gaethje are guaranteed entertainment regardless of opponent. Throw in the element of “Blessed” returning to lightweight, and intrigue only elevates. Unfortunately for Holloway, he’s been given little chance after his most recent failed bid, his Dustin Poirier interim title unanimous decision loss a full five years ago come April 13.

“Everybody keeps on bringing up the fight with Poirier, the 155 fight,” Holloway said on his YouTube channel. “It is what it is, I said what I said. No excuses. I just had six weeks for that camp. This came, we had 10 or more weeks. I can’t even — I don’t even remember how long we had, that’s how long we had. So, at the end of the day, I feel strong. I feel great. I can’t wait to go out there and prove [it].

“You guys want to see the difference? Tune in April 13. You’re gonna see the difference.”

Poirier is only one of two men who’s bested the legendary Hawaiian this past decade. Along the way, the 32-year-old Holloway (25-7) became an all-time great for his work as a former UFC featherweight champion.

Despite his size as a longstanding 145-pounder, Holloway wants to let the world know how fearless he is with matchups like Gaethje. Hell, give the man a “Predator,” and he’ll try his hand at him, too. There’s only one Holloway, and he’s got a lot left that he wants to accomplish.

That all continues at UFC 300 inside the T-Mobile Arena.

“I see the minds blown, being, ‘Oh, yeah, Max’s talking like this, weighing to heavyweight, Francis Ngannou, ask him to fight him,’” Holloway said. “Bring it on, brother. Think I care? That’s why me and you guys are different. This is why a lot of fighters is cut from a different cloth. Even some fighters is worried about certain weights. Why?

“If you’re on the pound-for-pound list, you should be willing to fight anybody. That’s what the pound-for-pound list is for, right? Ain’t that what the pound-for-pound list is for? I thought the pound-for-pound list was of not just their weight class. If you’re in a weight class, you’re No. 1 in your weight class. You’re a champion in your weight class, I mean. If you’re on the pound-for-pound list, that means pound-for-pound where you stand amongst these other pound-for-pound guys.

“I’m sick and tired of everybody telling me what I gotta think, how I do, putting a limit on me,” he concluded. “Just because you put a limit on yourself, don’t put a limit on others. You guys’ limit is sky, I’m reaching for the star, other universes. We’re not the same.”

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I’m not predicting or picking Max to win, not that I’m the greatest mystic these days, but I do expect him to do better than most think he will. Can this fight be now, please?

Ignore any news today! Thanks for reading!

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Today’s exit poll:


Does Justin Gaethje vs. Max Holloway end with a finish?

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