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2024 Pittsburgh Steelers Pre-Draft Visit Tracker



As we do every year, we’ll keep tabs on the 2024 NFL Draft prospects whom we know have pre-draft visits with the Pittsburgh Steelers. History has shown a strong correlation between the players the team brings in and the names they draft next month. Last year, the Steelers selected TE Darnell Washington, OT Broderick Jones, DL Keeanu Benton, and CB Joey Porter Jr. (who was a local visit) from the list of players brought in prior to the draft.

Each team is allotted up to 30 visits, not including local visitors from schools like Pitt, West Virginia and those who went to high school in the Pittsburgh region.

We will keep this post updated throughout the next six weeks when new names get added. In addition to pre-draft visits, we’ll include local visits that don’t count as one of the team’s 30 visits and any reported Pro Day dinners. Be sure to also bookmark our Steelers Pro Day Tracker for additional information on the team’s pre-draft movements.

If we miss anyone, please let us know in the comments below.

Last Update: 4/1/2024


QB Michael Penix Jr. – Washington (Sometime in April)
RB Dillion Johnson – Washington (Date Unknown)
WR Ricky Pearsall – Florida (Week Of March 18)
WR Malachi Corley – Western Kentucky – (April 1)
WR Xavier Legette – South Carolina – (March 21)
OT Travis Glover – Georgia State (March 21)
OT Taliese Fuaga – Oregon State – (March 21)
OT Amarius Mims – Georgia – (Date Unknown)
DT Braden Fiske – Florida State (Date Unknown)
DT Khristian Boyd – Northern Iowa (Date Unknown)
DL Darius Robinson – Missouri (mid-late March)
CB M.J. Devonshire – Pittsburgh (Date Unknown – Local Visit)
CB Andru Phillips – Kentucky (Date Unknown)

*West Virginia center Zach Frazier was initially reported to be coming in for a pre-draft visit. If so, he would be a local visit and not count against the team’s allotted 30. But the initial report was deleted, making it unclear if Frazier visited or not. For the moment, we will not count him on the list.

Reported/Known Pro Day Dinners

CB Terrion Arnold – Alabama*
CB Kool-Aid McKinstry – Alabama*
EDGE Dallas Turner – Alabama*

As noted by Ike Taylor. He noted Mike Tomlin attended but did not mention anyone else. It’s unclear who else joined them at the dinner.


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