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Joe Rogan Heaps Praise On Ex-UFC Star Demetrious Johnson After BJJ Exploits: ‘He’s The Best Ever’


Reacting to former undisputed UFC flyweight champion, Demetrious Johnson’s stunning submission grappling exploits in the world of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, stalwart commentator, Joe Rogan has branded the Kentucky native likely the best ever mixed martial arts fighter to ever compete.

Johnson, a former undisputed flyweight champion under the UFC banner – still holds the record for most consecutive successive title defenses, turning in a jaw-dropping 11 straight successful defenses of his flyweight crown

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Setting his record in stunning circumstances, Johnson threw former title challenger and fellow promotional alum, Ray Borg into a fierce armbar following a suplex attempt at UFC 216 back in 2017 – forcing a final round tap.

Demetrious Johnson grapples 250-pound giant at IBJJF Pan Championships, takes home gold

And since landing the ONE Championship flyweight World Grand Prix and the promotion’s flyweight championship, Johnson has since turned his hand to submission grappling in recent months, recently taking home a rake of gold and silver medals at the IBJJF Pan championships.

Joe Rogan labels Demetrious Johnson the best ever

Reacting to footage of career flyweight, Johnson grappling with a 250 pound competitor at the event, avid grappler and Jiu-Jitsu player, Rogan – a current UFC color-commentator to boot, declared Johnson was likely the greatest mixed martial artist ever.

Demetrious Johnson

“How crazy is that?” Joe Rogan said on an episode of The Joe Rogan Experience. “‘Mighty Mouse’ (Demetrious Johnson) took on a guy who is 250 pounds in a Jiu-Jitsu tournament, and he tapped him. The dude was heavier than him by 100 pounds. The dude was enormous, the guy was so much bigger than him. Look at the size difference, look at how big that dude it – but ‘Mighty Mouse’ is so slick. There it is. And then manages to stay on top, which is really crazy. It’s crazy that he couldn’t get him off him. That’s technique.”

“He’s probably the best ever,” Rogan said of Demetrious Johnson. “In terms of just pure martial arts technique, I think the best expression of martial arts technique is ‘Mighty Mouse’.”

Do you rank Demetrious Johnson as the best fighter ever?

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