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UFC Implements New Apex Seating Policy, Fighter’s Family, Friends ‘Escorted’ From Arena After Bouts


The UFC has implemented a change that will allow fighters to receive tickets if they fight at the UFC Apex.

Tickets for events at the Apex are solid to the general public and go for thousands of dollars, leaving many fighters not having their family or friends in attendance for their fights. However, on Tuesday, MMAJunkie obtained a letter from the promotion’s Chief Business Officer, Hunter Campbell detailing a significant change.


“Beginning with UFC FIGHT NIGHT this Saturday, April 6, athletes who compete on cards at UFC APEX will receive four (4) seats for friends and family to watch their fight only,” Campbell wrote. “Following the bout, your guests will be escorted out of APEX. This practice will be in effect for all events at UFC APEX going forward. UFC Event Operations VIP Hosts will coordinate all details with you during fighter check-in of your respective fight weeks at the host hotel. All details will be provided, including specific arrival times for your guests.”

For events outside of the Apex, fighters typically receive four tickets but that wasn’t the case for Apex events. Instead, the organization will now give each fighter four tickets, but they will be shuffled out of the event once their fight is over, allowing fans to still buy tickets for events at the Apex.

UFC exec says Apex will ‘always be in the mix’

Although many fans have wanted the promotion to no longer hold events at the Apex, following UFC 284, executive David Shaw revealed the Apex would likely always be in the mix to host events.

Hunter Campbell The Next UFC Boss

“I think the APEX is always gonna be in the mix now, it make a lot of sense,” Senior Vice President for International Operations and Content Dave Shaw told reporters at the UFC 284 press conference (Via MMAMania). “We kinda turn off the lights and lock the doors when the event is over. It makes sense from an ease of operations.”

“It also makes sense as a good fallback plan, if we have something that just doesn’t work out in a venue or if it’s tough to get to a certain city we want to get to, we can always go to the APEX. I think there’s a lot of advantages to it. I don’t know the number (of events per year) but I think it will always be in the mix.”

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Mandatory Credit: Chris Unger – Zuffa LLC

With this latest change for fighters getting tickets, it’s likely the Apex will continue to remain in the rotation for hosting UFC events, despite many fans and fighters complaining about it.

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